Seed capital for exceptional teams and fearless founders 🚀

We've ourselves founded, grown and exited multiple businesses and experienced the journey from a founder's perspective. Our capital comes with understanding, guidance and most importantly, patience.

With cheque sizes of $50K to $250K, an extensive angel network, partner ecosystem, mentorship support and back-office services, we enable founders in their journey from Seed to Scale.

Startups supported by Momentum

Areas we focus on

We setup top-notch  Engineering team for you that has everyone you need

We only invest in sectors we understand well. Here are our some areas we've been able to build a compelling thesis on.
IoT and Artificial Intelligence backed innovations to detect early signs of health ailment and the menace to curb the spread right at the beginning.
B2B space fintech is still unexplored to a great extent which leaves much room for innovation to happen across the entire BFSI domain.
A UI/UX designer
That makes sure your product looks great and user friendly
A product manager
That keeps development work on track with your vision and timeline in mind
A product strategist
So your PM and dedicated Engineering team get the support they need
A QA team
Who ensures product quality by doing exploratory and automated testing

Formidable firms we are proud to back

Here's our portfolio of firms who are changing how the game is played 😇
Flo Mobility
Manesh Jain, Mohan Sivam

Flo Mobility offers an autonomous tech stack that can be applied to agri-bots, delivery bots, two wheelers and other use cases where compact bots need to navigate in crowded, unstructured environments.

Harshit Mittal, Abhishek Verma, Kushang Kumar, Nitin Prakash

SupplyNote is cloud based web and mobile enabled suite connecting outlets, service providers and suppliers. With SupplyNote, one can manage inventory, place orders, and uncover sales performance insights to strengthen the health of the business.

Plutomen Technologies
Keyur Bhalavat, Hiren Kanani, Ravi Patel

Plutomen Technologies is working in the field of Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality (Now collectively known as eXtended Reality – XR). They Have serviced clients across various sectors like Real Estate, E-Commerce, Manufacturing & allied industries, Education, Exhibitions, Tourism, etc.

Intents Mobi
Naresh Kumar Kachhi, Akshay Mani, Tabrez Alam

A deep-tech solution offering answers in situational awareness in mobility & transportation.

ExtraaEdge Technologies
Abhishek Ballabh, Sushil Mundada

Data Science Powered Admission & Marketing SaaS for the education industry. Help education institutions increase, manage & predict admissions.

The Healthy Company
Devansh Jain Nawal, Ackshay Jain

AI assited health-tech venture focused on leveraging nutritional science and bio-technology to achieve health goals.

Rohit Gajbhiye, Debi Prasad Baral, Sunit Gajbhaiye, Naveesh Reddy

AI assisted peer to peer lending platform to meet financial needs of professionals and business digitally.

Quixote Automotive Technologies
Akshay Gupta

An automotive tech startup working in connected cars, ADAS and autonomous vehicular Tech pioneered by an ex-toyota racer.

Behind on hiring? Scale quickly  with our Toptier  </Engineering>, Design & Growth teams

Back office service support so founders focus on metrics that matter

Large parts of technology, design and marketing efforts have been commoditised. We fulfil those bits so founders can focus on metrics that matter

Partner ecosystem that reduces friction further

If you believe you can help us solve harder problems better, consider joining us 😇

Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. It offers its global cloud services from local data centers to accelerate digital transformation across Indian start-ups, businesses, and government agencies.

It's not our work-life. It's our life's work.

We've been hard at work for the past 6+ years gathering a team of 80+ members building and growing 23+ products. Momentum is our effort to share and implement all of our play-books, experiments and learnings.

We've been hard at work for the past 6+ years building a team of 80+ members building and growing 23+ products. Momentum is our effort to share and implement all of our play-books, experiments and learnings.

Products built by Momentum

Formidable people who ❤️ meaningful problems

If you believe you can help us solve harder problems better, consider joining us 😇
100X VC

100X.VC is the first VC to invest in early stage startups using India SAFE Notes. We provide startups seed capital of INR 2.5 million using iSAFE notes as the first cheque. Our intensive founder engagement is designed to help them scale. We are a trusted VC Partner with a focus on helping our portfolio companies raise growth capital.

Lead Angels

One to the leading and active angel network that supports end to end financial servicing at each stage of the startup journey. Their interest lies in high growth early stage startups.

ah! Ventures

A growth catalyst that acts as a bridge between promising startups and wealthy investors to create wealth for both through customized services alongside their skill and expertize into aiding the right startup investment.

ORIOS Venture Partners

We are investors focused on the India consumption opportunity. We have been venture investing since 2008, first as private investors and then as Orios from 2013. We are a part of two unicorns and several other large stories.

Innoven Capital

Innoven Capital is Asia’s leading venture debt and lending platform providing debt capital to high growth innovative ventures primarily backed by venture capital firms.


Parampara Early Stage Opportunities Fund is an initiative to encourage entrepreneurs with Ingenious Ideas, handhold them in evolving the Ideas to successful Businesses. It is a Platform for disruptive ideas to meet Success.

Guild Capital

Guild Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm. We typically back founders as their first institutional investor. Our aim is to become the trusted partner of our portfolio companies by actively supporting them in developing high-growth strategies, architecting high-performance teams, and raising capital for future growth.


ThinKuvate follows a practioner’s approach focusing on founders’ experience, proven revenue and business model, and ThinKuvate’s ability to add value.

Exfinity Ventures

Exfinity Ventures is an early stage, frontier technology fund. Backing companies driving technology innovation and business transformation across industries.

Artha Ventures

Artha India Ventures is an early-stage sector agnostic fund that has been investing in start-ups since early 2012. Artha India Ventures currently has a portfolio of 55 companies across India and the US, and plans to grow the portfolio to 100 startups over the next 3-5 years.


Kaizen has international management team which spans from Europe to Asia, with numerous successful seed investments in the track record. They invest in select startups in Emerging Asia, helping them get ready for the world stage and follow on funding.

Venture Catalysts

Venture Catalysts is an incubator known for development of start-ups, supported by ecosystem catalysts, angel investors, management consultants and advisors facilitating mentoring, seed investments, through angel investments and supports services for startup community.


Kae Capital is a sector agnostic fund and invests in companies which bring about innovative solutions for the existing gaps in the markets, backed by a great team, focuses on investing in Innovation, Leadership and Growth.

Matrix Partners India

Matrix Partners began in Boston in 1977, and today invests actively in the USA, India and China. Matrix Partners India was established in 2006, and invests across a variety of sectors including consumer technology, B2B, enterprise, fintech, among others.